Special Activities
In Komyoji Temple Tokyo, the Young Buddhist Association holds some special activities such as Kamiyacho Open Terrace known as a "Temple Cafe", TASOGARE Twilight Music Festival, and TERA-YOGA or a yoga class in a Buddhist temple. If you are interested in those activities, please check out each website below.

For details of special activities, please click links above and ask each representative by email.

For details of annual events right, please ask us by email below.

Annual Events

Komyoji Temples observe a number of special Buddhist holidays on the Buddhist calendar. These special occasions are a means for us to reaffirm our faith in Buddhism and are times to reflect upon the intricate bonds that enable us to live. We hope you all will enjoy and appreciate those events.


Happy New Year's Service (Jan)

Shusho-e or the New Year's Service is traditionally the first Buddhist Service of the year. It is a good opportunity to reflect upon the past, to express our gratitude to our ancestors, and to resolve to live a good life during the coming year. Oshogatsu, the first week of a year, is a special time for most Japanese to be with family and friends in their hometown.

Ohigan in Spring

Gathering in the Spring Equinox Day (Mar)

Ohigan is one of the religious holidays in Japan. The word Higan means the "Other Shore" of enlightenment as opposed to this shore of life and death. In the Shin-Buddhism Tradition, it is a special week to express our gratitude and thanksgiving to Amida-Buddha for awakening us to his boundless compassion and wisdom.


Sutra in Perpetual Memorial Tribute (In spring)

Eitaikyo means to chant the sutra in perpetual memorial tribute to our deceased loved people. Just the same as other services, we priests chant the sutra as an expression of gratitude from families to their ancestors every year whether they make a request or not.


Gathering of Joy with Dance (In summer)

Obon is also called Kangi-e, which means the gathering of joy. This service is held in dedication and gratitude especially for all the members of Komyoji Temples who have died over the previous year. Obon is also known as the festival week in Japan. You can enjoy Obon Dance Festival at some places in a town in this period.

Ohigan in Autumn

Gathering in the Autumn Equinox Day (Sep)

Just after half a year of Ohigan in spring, Ohigan in autumn comes. In this holiday, many people visit their family's graves and express gratitude for their ancestors.


Shinran Shonin's Memorial Service (In late autumn)

Hoonko is the memorial service for Shinran Shonin, the founder of Shin-Buddhism tradition. Within our tradition this is the most important service of the year. It is a good opportunity to reflect once again upon the teachings of Shinran Shonin and to appreciate his great achievements.