Unshitsu Festival
The year 2003 was the 250th anniversary of the birth of Unshitsu. At Iiyama city in Nagano prefecture, Unshitsu's hometown, the anniversary festival was held and it attracted many citizens and fans. As his memorial events, the exhibition of his works and the speech about his life were held.

The Head Priest of Komyoji Temple Tokyo gave a speech

Panel Discussion

Unshitsu, an Artist Monk

Unshitsu, the 26th Head Priest of Komyoji Temple(1753〜1827), was famous as a unique and artistic Buddhist monk. He had a great knowledge of Confucianism and was familiar with poetry and paiting. His books of paintings, "Sansuibi" and "Soushi Gaden", were published several times in Edo era. They show that he was one of the most famous painters in that period. Besides, his poetry book was Kafu Nagai's favorite, who was a great writer in Japan.

The Works of Unshitsu